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Original First-Hand Account


"Shot down over Paris"


Experience report written by Colonel Gerd von Massow about his experience being shot down on June 3, 1940 near Paris and the march back to friendly lines. It happened during the largest air raid in history to date including approx. 1000 aircraft - operation "Paula".


This is a 15-page report describes in detail the attack that the

Shooting down, the emergency landing and the adventurous 9-day

march back to friendly lines. Gerd von Massow was commander of the Jagdgeschwaders Richthofen, then deputy inspector the fighter pilots.


As the report was expressly not intended for the public it can be assumed that this is still unknown today. Colonel von Massow was awarded the Knight's Cross on July 21, 1940.


The addressee is not expressly mentioned, but it almost certain that it was written for the Reich Ministry of Aviation.